Todd Emaus on the role of play, connection, and belonging in business

“Leaning into a beginners mindset is really helpful for me.

I have some [internal] stories that I need to be great at everything, and a lot of times that keeps me from leaning into creativity where I can just be curious about what I’m capable of.

Not only in seeing what that first version is and almost how bad it is – because I do have a sense of taste, and can tell like, wow what I just made really isn’t great – but also being able to say, ‘If I practice this, if I really lean into doing this… I can see where that can head, where that can lead.'”

Todd Emaus is an executive coach and organizational consultant, working with founders and leaders as they seek to scale their organizations without losing their soul. He’s founded startups, raised venture capital, and burnt out in the process. All of these have been powerful teachers for supporting leaders in his work today.

In this episode, Todd and I talked about the role of play, connection, and belonging in business and in life. You can learn more about Todd and his work at, and follow him on Twitter @ToddEmaus.