What past clients have said about my work

"Working with Dena helped me to (finally!) organize my thinking and actually acknowledge what I really hope to do career-wise--and this acknowledgement happened in 30 minutes of speaking with Dena, compared to a year of me mulling over things in my own head. Dena is friendly, and even more important, she seems to understand the wish that work is not just about earning a living, but also, it's about wanting to contribute to the betterment of one's society. Weeks later, I find myself still thinking about things we discussed and feeling energized to be more intentional in my efforts."

- Elaina B. 

"You don't strike me as a coach who's following some formula or method you've been trained in. I was intrigued by your thoughtfulness, your ability to pause & reflect, as if sensing for an intuitive hit coming through to you. I sensed a genuine caring in you, a generosity, and a carefulness. Coming from your heart and intuition, but also with a little treasure chest of gems to glean from ~ things you've picked up along the way, from experience. I really appreciated our session together, and feel I would greatly benefit from working with you on a regular basis."

- Julie D.

"Dena worked with me on both superficial and deep levels to help me gain clarity on my career path. She asked me extensive questions about my past experiences, my current experiences, and my hopes for the future. As someone who is in career transition, Dena helped me to get at the heart of what I am seeking. We had a lovely, comfortable, and fun conversation where she worked hard to join me in my experience. She worked with me on a broad level to identify potential areas of growth and change. She also gave me advice about networking, social media, and using the resources at my disposal to achieve my goals. All in all, I found Dena to be thorough, thoughtful, extremely experienced, and creative in her approaches to problem solving. Since meeting with Dena, I have a much clearer understanding of how to proceed in my career transition, how to utilize my networks and actively strive for work in my chosen field.

I would recommend working with Dena to any friend. She is inquisitive, intuitive, and probing in the questions she asks. She has keen insight and often has recommendations for further relevant reading. She is detailed in her inquiries and works to make helpful and unexpected connections that may further my thinking of a given subject. She is fun, easy to talk to, efficient, kind, and works to challenge anyone she is working with. Dena is an excellent career coach and I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to work with her."

- Erica T. 

"Dena has an understanding of the creative brain, and is a great listener. She is able to get a sense of what a client needs, and knows the tools to help them succeed. Dena, you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. You are brilliant at what you do."

Ashley M. 

"Dena took the time to listen to me and really understand my interests. She helped me identify my mission in developing my professional life and was very organized. I was overwhelmed at first with the idea of finding a new career and pursuing multiple passions but after our conversations I had a much better sense of direction. She was very direct in helping me to find a way to move forward in my next steps of pursuing a career in line with both my short term and long term goals. Pursuing a new career can be paralyzing sometimes, but our conversations helped me work through that anxiety. Thank you!"

- Nika B. 

"Dena is such a dynamic coach! She has been instrumental in helping me envision my ideal practice. Dena encouraged me to fearlessly step into my power and achieve my wildest dreams! With Dena's coaching, I understand the importance of caring for myself in order to fully support my clients to reach their fullest potential. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dena, and I'm confident that she will be an invaluable resource to anyone looking to gain clarity on both their personal and professional goals. Thanks again Dena!"

- Kourtnee B.

"Dena has the uncanny ability to ask the kinds of questions that help you organize your thoughts and put together your own plan without her actually telling you what to do. She has used this skill to help me on several occasions to put together presentations for large audiences. Initially overwhelmed with many ideas, I gained clarity, focus and energy that enabled me to accomplish my task.

Not only is it fun to work with Dena, but it’s productive! She is blessed with a listening ear and a creative and well trained mind. No matter the challenge, she can help you sort through your options and make a plan to achieve your goal. She’s done this many times with me at important moments, and I’m forever grateful to have had her assistance in this way."

- Peter A. 

"Dena has been endlessly helpful to me. As a recent graduate, I had a lot to learn—about nearly everything. I remember once mentioning issues with money management (paying rent in NYC for the first time is no joke!) and Dena's immediate willingness to help me out. She sat down with me and walked me through the budgeting application that she used, explaining how it worked, why she found it useful, and in what ways it could help me better manage my finances. By sharing her own experiences and learning curve with me, she went beyond just parroting a manual, instead connecting me to the issue—and potential solutions—in a much more productive way. I recall these conversations with Dena as having been instrumental to helping me get organized and gain clarity about my life after college, therefore better preparing me to pursue my professional goals and other passions.

What I appreciate most about Dena's ability to tackle challenges is the way she balances the logistic and the personal. She's great at being goal-oriented and breaking things down into organized, concrete steps, but is also just really personable and fluid to people's stories and needs. It's easy to see that she has a lot of experience both with all things meticulous and administrative as well as with the impact of storytelling and human connection.

I would definitely recommend Dena to friends! I'd have no problem vouching for her effective problem-solving and love of helping others. I know a lot of people who, like me, are entering phases of their lives where there's a lot up in the air, a lot to figure out, a lot that they want to get done but might not know how. I think that Dena would be more than capable of helping such young dreamers—pardon my French—get their shit together!"

- Juliany T. 

"Dena’s support was extremely valuable during my recent job search.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty of not knowing what opportunities would present themselves and how long it would take.  With Dena’s coaching I was able to clarify my underlying values and formulate meaningful goals based on these values.  We devised a multifaceted approach for my job search and through our regular sessions we were able to track my progress and make adjustments based on my experience.  Dena provided valuable feedback and served as an impartial advisor to help me work through any roadblocks that I encountered.  Having her support gave me a boost of confidence to persevere in my job search and stay honest with myself about the type of career that would provide me the most meaning and satisfaction.  Navigating a career change can be daunting, but having someone like Dena to accompany you through the process can make a world of difference!"

- Rahmat C.