Lisa Hanash – Ep. 006

This week I spoke with creative catalyst and painter Lisa Hanash, about embracing your artist self and becoming ok with imperfection.

From a young age, Lisa has always appreciated the beauty around her. From her trip to Europe in 2012 to the bottom of her street in the Lachine neighborhood of Montreal, Lisa would wait to capture moments on her camera. After graduating from university in 2014, the places that inspired her once through a lens became her inspiration to paint on canvas. After rummaging through her grandmother’s basement and finding old canvas, palettes, art books, watercolors, and old paintbrushes, Lisa had her base to start a new journey.

Her hope is that, as she feels greater liberation from her
limitations, that others would find the courage to do the same in whatever expression they have. Her vision is to see a city with a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and transformation.

You can find Lisa’s work on her website or on Facebook at Lisa Hanash Art.

Photo credit: Bree Elizabeth.

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