Lifting up community through creativity, with Steve Lucin

Steve Lucin is a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries bring in more cash to their businesses through creativity.

Lucin pulls his technical design, motion graphics, and entrepreneurial skills from running his own entertainment and nightlife creative business, Halucinated Design, Inc.

He was the VRFX supervisor at Michael Bay’s 451 Media, where he oversaw the creation of VR/360 (Virtual Reality) content from creative to post-production. He also animated many of the original 451 motion comics.
Since then he has decided to pursue his personal mission in life, which is to uplift his community through creativity and to show people that life should be spent enjoying themselves, exploring, and learning.

He does so by developing passionate individuals in his community through the nonprofit that he is building, Support Creativity.

His third brand, Legacy Greek, focuses on strategy, branding, and marketing for community-driven fraternities and sororities.

At night he likes to animate and mix video live to electronic dance music as a VJ. He has performed visuals at NYC nightclubs such as House of Yes, Verboten (now Schimanski), Space Ibiza NY, Cielo, Jump Into The Light VR Play Lab, and Electric Zoo Festival.