Kofi Oduro on finding creativity in unexpected places

Photo credit: Stéphan Ballard

Kofi Oduro is a creative coder, creative engineer, thinker, poet, and performer living in Montreal, Quebec (my new hometown!).

In this week’s episode, we take a dive into computer science and finding creative fulfillment when you’re also a math geek. Kofi fills me in on the intersections of live coding, video, AI, spoken word poetry, music, and “algoraves,” an event where people dance to music created by algorithms. Turns out, math is at the foundation of pretty much everything we do.

Kofi uses Videography, Poetry and Creative Coding, to highlight the realms of the human performance and the human mind in social, internal, or even biological scenarios which we face in our everyday lives. You can check out his work at kofioduro.myportfolio.com and follow him on Instagram at Illest Preacha.