JM – Ep. 008

This week’s guest is J.M., a fellow theatre kid from my college years. 

Today, J.M. is a physicist and the author of the political webcomic Doomed To Repeat it. They have always enjoyed drawing and cartooning and harbors a deep love of political and historical analysis. This is not J.M.’s first bout with mixing creativity and analytical thinking as they have degrees in Theatre and Physics from Mary Washington College. JM also loves Rugby and truly terrible young adult fiction novels. J.M. lives in Northern Virginia with their wife, Becky, two young kids, and two slightly annoyed cats.

In today’s episode, we discuss themes such as making time for art with two kids and a full time job, discovering the intersections and balance between science and the arts, making creative work on a deadline, and more. 

You can check out J.M.’s work at, on the Facebook page Doomed to Repeat It, or follow them on Twitter @doomed_2_repeat

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