Freelancing, side hustles, social media, and acting, with Hilary Sutton

“I’m at the point where a gig is not just a gig anymore. I have to ask myself, am I getting so caught up in the ‘paying the bills’ jobs, or am I making time for what really energizes me? It’s a constant tight rope.”
Hilary Sutton is a writer, speaker, consultant, coach, and sometimes actor. She runs HSL Enterprises where she helps people spend their days in work that is wildly fulfilling.
Five years ago Hilary started a blog at to explore social media, creativity, personal development, and writing. Shortly after, she launched HSL Enterprises Courses to provide workshop-style teaching around concepts that had grown popular on her blog. She is the author of an ecourse, three workshops, and two eBooks including More in Less: 21 Productivity Hacks for Creatives, Blogging: Grow Your Business with Content, Going Freelance: How to Launch, Market, and Build Your Creative Career, Get Your Dream Off the Ground, and Art of the Side Hustle: How to Supplement Your Creative Career.
As a writer, Hilary is often tapped for feature writing, content marketing, and direct response copy. Hilary has worked with clients ranging from Broadway shows, to nonprofits large and small, creatives of all stripes, and consumer brands. She is a contributor to USA Today where she writes about careers. You can follow Hilary @hilarysutton (facebook & twitter) or @hilary.sutton (instagram).
Highlights from this week’s episode:
  • Making tough decisions about what is worth your time and energy, creatively
  • Learning how to approach paid opportunities without letting desperation get in your way

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