Erica Soultanian on entrepreneurship, fear of failure, and when to take the leap

This week’s guest is practicing creativity in a slightly different way from many of the folks on this podcast so far. Erica Soultanian is a co-founder of Mission Collaborative, a DC-based organization that helps professionals design careers they love through workshops and immersive programming.

Erica was inspired to co-create Mission Collaborative after struggling through a career change herself and realizing that there aren’t many resources or support organization to help professionals change careers once they graduate college. Erica also works at DC’s Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development where she helps grow DC’s private sector economy and entrepreneurial community. In her free time, Erica organizes Startup Weekend events in DC, which help bring new startups to life through 54-hour intensive weekend experiences.

Some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • Being an entrepreneur while working a 9-5
  • The ups and downs of entrepreneurship
  • Dealing with the fear of failure
  • How to know when it’s time to take the leap 


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