Curiosity, Courage, and Taking Big Leaps with Katie Visco

Katie Visco, who has been called a “bubbly and offbeat running, biking, soup-making, people-loving, community-building exclamation mark,” loves peoples’ stories, healthy and delicious food, traveling, and human-powered adventures.

In 2009, promoting the importance of a bold and passion-driven life, Katie ran solo across America, from Boston to San Diego, and became the 2nd youngest and 13th woman overall to make the crossing. During, and the year after her transAmerican crossing, she raised funds for the charity, Girls on the Run, and also stopped to visit more than two hundred audiences en route to spread her message to young and old alike. Running has been a versatile cornerstone of her wellbeing for years, and she especially loves the trails!

Katie also has 10+ years of experience as a community-builder and entrepreneur. She has started eight businesses and campaigns, and is currently the proud owner and soup maestra behind Hot Love Soup, a soup and bone broth delivery company in both Austin, Texas and Missoula, Montana. She hails from Glen Ellyn, IL, a suburb of Chicago, and is a 2007 Economics graduate of Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Visco lives and works to see courage, community, and true connection happen in this world.

Besides trail running, biking, creating delicious food, and traveling, Katie loves her husband and family very much and enjoys getting to hear the stories of others. She’s been writing since she was six and hopes to publish a book one day. She’s stoked to share her journeys with you in hopes that you will glean something special from them for your own growth and joy!