Ben Blum on “humble food”, constraints, and giving it your all

“When you look at Thai cuisine and even Taiwanese cuisine, the use of things like the offcuts of meat and stuff like that, it’s like ok, this is literally something that most of the world will throw away. How do you make it delicious? And how do you make it so that you can sustain not only yourself but your family? And so some of the things that people come up with is absolutely amazing.”

Ben Blum is a chef who spent most of the first 8.5 years of his life in Taiwan, a country whose approach to food is an amalgam of different styles – Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese – with a rainforest climate. That’s where his love of food began. Later in life, Ben spent a year working in the kitchen at a school in Thailand before attending culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. He traveled to Australia to work with Ben Shewry at Attica and most recently worked at Commis in Oakland, California. 

In this week’s episode, Ben and I discuss the complexity of “humble food” and the power of constraints in the creative process, seeking out strong mentors, and giving it everything you’ve got.

To learn more about Ben and his latest project, chocolate company Sans Wolf, you can visit his website, or follow him on Instagram at sanswolf_chocolates


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