Remember when you were a kid and playing was your job?

Once upon a time, you could be anything you wanted to be - a doctor, a painter, a princess, a wizard! You felt optimistic and alive. The possibilities were as endless as your imagination.

You see, you were born a creative genius. Yes, YOU. Creativity is an inherent part of being human! But over the years, a variety of forces conspired to push your creative light to the back burner.

Whether it was voices of outright negativity (“you’re not talented enough”, “you’ll never make an income that way”) or simply the results of an outdated education system designed to meet the needs of the industrial age, creative fulfillment and a successful career were seen as mutually exclusive options: you can’t have one AND have the other.

If you:

  • Feel totally overwhelmed with work and life,
  • Have a confidence monster at the back of your head telling you that you’re no good,
  • Feel like you’ve lost your sense of direction and don’t know where your career is taking you, AND/OR
  • Dream of having more free time to do the things you love,

I promise, a better life is possible.

I help multi-passionate dreamers, doers, and makers like you to regain control over their time and resources, avoid burnout, and reconnect with their creative selves - so they can do awesome work AND build more sustainable, fulfilling lives.

"Dena is such a dynamic coach! She encouraged me to fearlessly step into my power and achieve my wildest dreams! With Dena's coaching, I understand the importance of caring for myself in order to fully support my clients to reach their fullest potential. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I'm confident that she will be an invaluable resource to anyone looking to gain clarity on both their personal and professional goals. Thanks again Dena!"  

Kourtnee B.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to help you get some clarity and identify a few action steps. 

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Let’s break out of this rut, shall we? When we work together, I’ll help you to:

  • Rediscover your “why” and your “what” so that you can do your best work with clarity and purpose.
  • Learn how to say “no” or “not now” in a way that feels good to you, so that you can say YES to the things that make your heart sing.
  • Filter through all the ideas and interests in your head and choose where to focus your energy so you can actually finish the projects you start.

"Before Dena, I felt my career was a little ambiguous, kind of a blur. I often found myself overwhelmed by personal and professional commitments. I looked forward to our biweekly sessions, during which she helped me to answer many of the questions and concerns I faced. She encouraged and supported me to identify what is most important to me.

Dena is a great listener and often surprised me with her ability to help me express my professional and personal fears. As a natural worrier, I often found myself paralyzed by these fears, holding me back from reaching my full potential. But after working with Dena, I have been able to let go of things that are out of my control. I would absolutely recommend Dena to my friends and colleagues. Dena does her job well. She is caring, has excellent listening skills and is very knowledgeable of helpful exercises. I am grateful for my time with her."

Priscila A.